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A-Z of asbestos-containing materials

  • Airconditioning ducts – exterior or interior acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Arc shields in lift motor rooms or large electrical cabinets
  • Asbestos-based plastics products – as electrical insulates and acid-resistant compositions or aircraft seats
  • Asbestos ceiling tiles
  • Asbestos cement conduits
  • Asbestos cement electrical fuse boards
  • Asbestos cement external roofs and walls
  • Asbestos cement in the use of form work when pouring concrete
  • Asbestos cement internal flues and downpipes
  • Asbestos cement moulded products, such as gutters, ridge cappings, gas meter covers, cable troughs and covers
  • Asbestos cement pieces for packing spaces between floor joists and piers
  • Asbestos cement underground pits, as used for traffic control wiring and telecommunications cabling
  • Asbestos cement render, plaster, mortar and coursework
  • Asbestos cement sheet
  • Asbestos cement sheet behind ceramic tiles
  • Asbestos cement sheet internal over exhaust canopies, such as ovens and fume cupboards
  • Asbestos cement sheet internal walls and ceilings
  • Asbestos cement sheet underlays for vinyl
  • Asbestos cement storm drain pipes
  • Asbestos cement water pipes (usually underground)
  • Asbestos-containing laminates (eg Formica) used where heat resistance is required (eg ships)
  • Asbestos-containing pegboard
  • Asbestos felts
  • Asbestos marine board (eg marinate)
  • Asbestos mattresses used for covering hot equipment in power stations
  • Asbestos paper used variously for insulation, filtering and production of fire resistant laminates
  • Asbestos roof tiles
  • Asbestos textiles
  • Asbestos textile gussets in airconditioning ducting systems
  • Asbestos yarn
  • Autoclave/steriliser insulation
  • Bitumen-based water proofing such as malthoid (typically on roofs and floors but also in brickwork)
  • Bituminous adhesives and sealants
  • Boiler gaskets
  • Boiler insulation, slabs and wet mix
  • Brake disc pads
  • Brake linings
  • Cable penetration insulation bags
  • Calorifier insulation
  • Car body filters (not common)
  • Caulking compounds, sealant and adhesives
  • Cement render
  • Chrysotile wicks in kerosene heaters
  • Clutch faces
  • Compressed asbestos cement panels for flooring, verandas, bathrooms and steps for demountable buildings
  • Compressed asbestos fibres (CAF) used in brakes and gaskets for plant and vehicles
  • Door seals on ovens
  • Electric heat banks – block insulation
  • Electric hot water services (normally not asbestos but some millboard could be present)
  • Electric light fittings, high wattage, insulation around fitting (and bituminised)
  • Electrical switchboards (see pitch-based)
  • Exhausts on vehicles
  • Filler in acetylene gas cylinders
  • Filters – beverage, wine filtration
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire door insulation
  • Fire-rated wall rendering containing asbestos with mortar
  • Fire-resistant plaster board, typically on ships
  • Fire-retardant material on steel work supporting reactors on columns in refineries in the chemical industry
  • Flexible hoses
  • Floor vinyl sheets
  • Floor vinyl tiles
  • Fuse blankets and ceramic fuses in switchboards
  • Galbestos™ roofing materials (decorative coating on metal roofs for sound proofing)
  • Gaskets – chemicals, refineries
  • Gaskets – general
  • Gauze mats in laboratories/chemical refineries
  • Gloves – for insulation against heat
  • Hairdryers – insulation around heating elements
  • Header (manifold) insulation
  • Insulation blocks
  • Insulation in electric reheat units for air-conditioner systems
  • Laboratory bench tops
  • Laboratory fume cupboard panels
  • Laboratory ovens – wall insulation
  • Lagged exhaust pipes on emergency power generators
  • Lagging in penetrations in fireproof walls
  • Lifts shafts – asbestos cement panels lining the shaft at the opening of each floor and asbestos packing around penetrations
  • Limpet asbestos spray insulation
  • Locomotives (steam) lagging on boilers, steam lines, steam dome and gaskets
  • Mastics
  • Millboard between heating units and walls
  • Millboard lining of switchboxes
  • Mortar
  • Packing materials for gauges, valves etc – can be square packing, rope or loose fibre
  • Packing material on window anchorage points in high-rise buildings
  • Paint (typically industrial epoxy paints)
  • Penetrations through concrete slabs in high-rise buildings
  • Pipe insulation including moulded sections, water-mix type, rope braid and sheet
  • Pitch-based (eg Zelemite, Ausbestos, Lebah) electrical switchboards
  • Plaster and plaster cornice adhesives
  • Pump insulation
  • Refractory linings
  • Refractory tiles
  • Rubber articles (extent of usage unknown)
  • Sealant between floor slab and wall, usually in boiler rooms, risers or lift shafts
  • Sealant or mastik on windows
  • Sealants and mastics in airconditioning ducting joints
  • Spackle or plasterboard wall-jointing compounds
  • Sprayed insulation – acoustic wall and ceiling
  • Sprayed insulation – beams and ceiling slabs
  • Sprayed insulation – fire retardant sprayed on nut internally, for bolts holding external building wall panels
  • Stoves – old domestic type, wall insulation
  • Tape and rope – lagging and jointing
  • Tapered ends of pipe lagging (where lagging is not necessarily asbestos)
  • Tilux sheeting in place of ceramic tiles in bathrooms
  • Trailing cable under lift cabins
  • Trains, guards vans, millboard between heater and wall
  • Trains – Harris cars (sprayed asbestos between steel shell and laminex)
  • Valve insulation
  • Welding rods
  • Woven asbestos cable sheath

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