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Dumped asbestos

Although Asbestos is widely known as a dangerous substance, illegally dumped asbestos and the illegal transport asbestos still occurs. There is also a clear process by which asbestos is transported and handled.  The following Guidelines provide detailed advice about the removal and transport of Asbestos.

EPA has established a Strike Force program to help stamp out illegal dumping across the state. Members of EPA’s Strikeforce team will respond to reports of large-scale illegal dumping from the community, work with local council and gather intelligence to measure and track illegal dumping. The program works with EPA’s existing enforcement programs to identify, investigate and hold to account those who illegally dispose of their waste.

If you find asbestos dumped in areas not licensed to receive or store asbestos this needs to be logged through EPA pollution reporting system.  This can be done online ( or via the 24-hour EPA pollution hotline at 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842).

Licensed Asbestos Removal

Only a Licensed Asbestos Removalist is trained and qualified to remove friable and large quantities of non-friable asbestos from workplaces. They will also be responsible for the disposal of the asbestos. 

If you have asbestos on your property, EPA recommends you consult a professional removalist who is licensed by VWA. VWA keeps a list of licensed asbestos removalists or you can find them in the Yellow Pages

A list of permitted transporters that can transport asbestos can be found in the Prescribed industrial waste database by selecting N220 Asbestos as the waste type, or contacting EPA on 1300 EPA VIC (1300 132 842). Further information on the transporting and disposal of asbestos is available in section 6.1 of EPA’s Industrial waste resource guidelines.