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As a tenant, you can ask for information about asbestos in a property before signing the rental agreement. Be aware that the landlord is not required by law to have this information. Asbestos generally poses little risk to your health, provided it is in good condition and is not disturbed.

The Find and identify asbestos tool and the ACM Check application for your mobile phone are designed for residential settings, and may also be helpful in identifying asbestos risk in your rented property (find in App Store or Google Play).

If a rented property is in a state of disrepair, for example a wall that may contain asbestos is in poor condition, it should be checked for asbestos and if present, treated as an urgent repair.

Who can I contact?

First contact your landlord or agent. For information about urgent repairs in rental properties see the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

If you are unable to reach a resolution, contact your local council environmental health officer.

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Reviewed 28 October 2019

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