Asbestos registers

When asbestos is identified in a workplace, you need to create an asbestos register.

The asbestos register

The asbestos register must be kept current and include:

  • the location of the asbestos
  • the likely source of asbestos that is not fixed or installed
  • the type of asbestos containing material
    • whether the asbestos containing material is friable or non-friable
    • the condition of the asbestos-containing material
    • whether the asbestos-containing material is likely to sustain damage or deterioration
  • details of the location and likely source of asbestos that is not fixed or installed in relation to all inaccessible areas that may contain asbestos
  • so far as possible detailed information about activities likely to be carried out in the workplace that are likely to damage or disturb the asbestos.

You can use the template found in (attached PDF) in your workplace.

Access to the asbestos register

The person who manages or controls the workplace must provide a copy of the asbestos register to-

  • employers or self employed persons whose business is located at the workplace
  • an asbestos licence holder engaged to do asbestos removal work, and
  • others as required under the OHS regulations.

How often does the register need to be kept up to date?

The asbestos register must be kept current, and updated to include:

  • any change in the condition of asbestos, such as damage or deterioration
  • details of asbestos that has been removed, enclosed or sealed
  • details of new cases of identified asbestos

All asbestos registers must also be reviewed and revised at least every five years, even if there have been no changes. Any review of the register should be documented to identify:

  • when the review was undertaken
  • what it involved
  • the outcome (e.g. changes in conditions)
  • who undertook the review.

Example of an asbestos register

Reviewed 29 October 2019

Asbestos registers

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