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A-Z of asbestos-containing materials

The list below includes products which were manufactured prior to 31 December 2003, when the total ban on manufacture, supply, use, reuse, import, transport, storage and sale of all forms of asbestos came into force.

Note: Products that were manufactured after this time should not contain asbestos. However, imported products from certain countries may still contain asbestos, due to differing regulatory environments.

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  • Airconditioning ducts – exterior or interior acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Arc shields in lift motor rooms or large electrical cabinets
  • Asbestos-based plastics products – as electrical insulates and acid-resistant compositions or aircraft seats
  • Asbestos ceiling tiles
  • Asbestos cement conduits
  • Asbestos cement electrical fuse boards
  • Asbestos cement external roofs and walls
  • Asbestos cement in the use of form work when pouring concrete
  • Asbestos cement internal flues and downpipes
  • Asbestos cement moulded products, such as gutters, ridge cappings, gas meter covers, cable troughs and covers
  • Asbestos cement pieces for packing spaces between floor joists and piers
  • Asbestos cement underground pits, as used for traffic control wiring and telecommunications cabling
  • Asbestos cement render, plaster, mortar and coursework
  • Asbestos cement sheet
  • Asbestos cement sheet behind ceramic tiles
  • Asbestos cement sheet internal over exhaust canopies, such as ovens and fume cupboards
  • Asbestos cement sheet internal walls and ceilings
  • Asbestos cement sheet underlays for vinyl
  • Asbestos cement storm drain pipes
  • Asbestos cement water pipes (usually underground)
  • Asbestos-containing laminates (such as Formica) used where heat resistance is required (such as ships)
  • Asbestos-containing pegboard
  • Asbestos felts
  • Asbestos marine board (such as marinate)
  • Asbestos mattresses used for covering hot equipment in power stations
  • Asbestos paper used variously for insulation, filtering and production of fire resistant laminates
  • Asbestos roof tiles
  • Asbestos textiles
  • Asbestos textile gussets in airconditioning ducting systems
  • Asbestos yarn
  • Autoclave/steriliser insulation
  • Bitumen-based water proofing such as malthoid (typically on roofs and floors but also in brickwork)
  • Bituminous adhesives and sealants
  • Boiler gaskets
  • Boiler insulation, slabs and wet mix
  • Brake disc pads
  • Brake linings
  • Cable penetration insulation bags
  • Calorifier insulation
  • Car body filters (not common)
  • Caulking compounds, sealant and adhesives
  • Cement render
  • Chrysotile wicks in kerosene heaters
  • Clutch faces
  • Compressed asbestos cement panels for flooring, verandas, bathrooms and steps for demountable buildings
  • Compressed asbestos fibres (CAF) used in brakes and gaskets for plant and vehicles
  • Door seals on ovens
  • Electric heat banks – block insulation
  • Electric hot water services (normally not asbestos but some millboard could be present)
  • Electric light fittings, high wattage, insulation around fitting (and bituminised)
  • Electrical switchboards (see pitch-based)
  • Exhausts on vehicles
  • Filler in acetylene gas cylinders
  • Filters – beverage, wine filtration
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire door insulation
  • Fire-rated wall rendering containing asbestos with mortar
  • Fire-resistant plaster board, typically on ships
  • Fire-retardant material on steel work supporting reactors on columns in refineries in the chemical industry
  • Flexible hoses
  • Floor vinyl sheets
  • Floor vinyl tiles
  • Fuse blankets and ceramic fuses in switchboards
  • Galbestos™ roofing materials (decorative coating on metal roofs for sound proofing)
  • Gaskets – chemicals, refineries
  • Gaskets – general
  • Gauze mats in laboratories/chemical refineries
  • Gloves – for insulation against heat
  • Hairdryers – insulation around heating elements
  • Header (manifold) insulation
  • Insulation blocks
  • Insulation in electric reheat units for air-conditioner systems
  • Laboratory bench tops
  • Laboratory fume cupboard panels
  • Laboratory ovens – wall insulation
  • Lagged exhaust pipes on emergency power generators
  • Lagging in penetrations in fireproof walls
  • Lifts shafts – asbestos cement panels lining the shaft at the opening of each floor and asbestos packing around penetrations
  • Limpet asbestos spray insulation
  • Locomotives (steam) lagging on boilers, steam lines, steam dome and gaskets
  • Mastics
  • Millboard between heating units and walls
  • Millboard lining of switchboxes
  • Mortar
  • Packing materials for gauges and valves (square packing, rope or loose fibre)
  • Packing material on window anchorage points in high-rise buildings
  • Paint (typically industrial epoxy paints)
  • Penetrations through concrete slabs in high-rise buildings
  • Pipe insulation including moulded sections, water-mix type, rope braid and sheet
  • Pitch-based (eg Zelemite, Ausbestos, Lebah) electrical switchboards
  • Plaster and plaster cornice adhesives
  • Pump insulation
  • Refractory linings
  • Refractory tiles
  • Rubber articles (extent of usage unknown)
  • Sealant between floor slab and wall, usually in boiler rooms, risers or lift shafts
  • Sealant or mastik on windows
  • Sealants and mastics in airconditioning ducting joints
  • Spackle or plasterboard wall-jointing compounds
  • Sprayed insulation – acoustic wall and ceiling
  • Sprayed insulation – beams and ceiling slabs
  • Sprayed insulation – fire retardant sprayed on nut internally, for bolts holding external building wall panels
  • Stoves – old domestic type, wall insulation
  • Tape and rope – lagging and jointing
  • Tapered ends of pipe lagging (where lagging is not necessarily asbestos)
  • Tilux sheeting in place of ceramic tiles in bathrooms
  • Trailing cable under lift cabins
  • Trains, guards vans, millboard between heater and wall
  • Trains – Harris cars (sprayed asbestos between steel shell and laminex)
  • Valve insulation
  • Welding rods
  • Woven asbestos cable sheath

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