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Support Groups

In Victoria there are a number of organisations that provide support services to persons diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. These support services extend to the family of these persons and include bereavement support.


Support Group Phone number Website

9654 9555
Cancer Council of Victoria

131 120
Asbestos Council of Victoria (ACV/GARDS)

5127 7744


The above Support Groups are provided for information purposes only, and do not represent the entirety of support groups/organisations available for asbestos-related disease sufferers. The Support Groups are non-government entities, independent of the Victorian WorkCover Authority ("VWA"), the Department of Health ("DH") and the Environment Protection Authority ("EPA").

VWA, DH and EPA do not endorse the accuracy or suitability of the Support Groups, their websites, or the people who contribute to them. Further, the views of the Support Groups are not necessarily shared by VWA, DH and EPA. For further information, please read the Copyright & disclaimer page of this website.