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Licensed asbestos removalists

Unlicensed removal of asbestos can be legally carried out by homeowners, however, some jobs are best left to the experts. If you are considering a renovation or demolition that involves disturbing large amounts of asbestos cement materials, removing friable asbestos products, or demolition of all or part of your property, you are strongly advised to engage a licensed asbestos removalist who knows how to manage this work safely, and without risk to you or your neighbours.

Generally, asbestos removal is required to be carried out by a removalist licensed by VWA, or trained employees of a licence-holder. The licence-holder is usually required to notify VWA in advance before any asbestos removal work is carried out.

There are two types of licenses for asbestos removalists:

Class B licence-holders are only permitted to remove non-friable asbestos and must comply with a number of requirements, including:

  • appointing a nominated supervisor to oversee the removal work
  • developing a control plan before the job
  • informing employers in the immediate and adjacent areas of proposed domestic removal work
  • using specific methods for removal, waste containment and waste disposal
  • using signs and barricades
  • providing decontamination facilities
  • providing their employees with information, training, personal protective clothing and equipment, and medical examinations

Only Class A licence-holders are permitted to remove friable asbestos. Class A licence-holders must comply with the same requirements outlined above for Class B licence holders, but must also implement a range of specific measures to carry out the work safely and control the risk, including using enclosures and always having the nominated supervisor on site. 

You can use VWA's Service Providers Directory to find a licensed asbestos removalist.