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Remove and dispose of asbestos using self-removal

Under Victorian law, an employer or self-employed person can conduct a limited amount of asbestos removal work without a licence if:

  • the asbestos-containing material is non-friable; and
  • the area of asbestos-containing material to be removed does not exceed 10 square metres in total; and
  • the total time asbestos removal work is performed in any period of seven days does not exceed one hour (this period is the cumulative total time the asbestos removal work is carried out by all employees over a period of seven days).

Further information on the requirements for training, signage, personal protective equipment, decontamination processes, packaging of asbestos waste and disposal requirements can be found in the Removing Asbestos in Workplaces Compliance Code.

All other non-friable asbestos and all friable asbestos must always be removed by a Licensed Asbestos Removalist.