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About us

This website is a collaborative project involving  EPA Victoria (Environment Protection Authority),the Victorian Department of Health, and VWA. Collectively, we have responsibility for the regulation and protection of Victorians from exposure to asbestos at home, at work and in the environment.

EPA Victoria (Environment Protection Authority)

EPA is part of Victoria’s environment portfolio (along with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and Sustainability Victoria) charged with protecting the Victorian environment. EPA is an administrative office of DEPI and reports to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change. EPA’s Governance Charter details the governance arrangements of EPA.

EPA’s sole role is to regulate pollution and it has independent authority to make regulatory decisions under the Environment Protection Act 1970. EPA aspires to create a healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria. By effectively regulating pollution in Victoria, EPA strives to deliver clean air, healthy waterways, safe land and minimal disturbances from noise and odour for Victorians.

Find out more by visiting the EPA website

Department of Health (DoH)

The Department of Health is committed to achieving the best health and wellbeing for all Victorians. One of eleven state government departments in Victoria, DoH covers the responsibilities of the Ministers for Health, the Minister for Ageing and the Minister for Mental Health.

For more information, visit the Department of Health website


Broadly, the responsibilities of VWA are to:

  • help avoid workplace injuries occurring
  • enforce Victoria's occupational health and safety laws
  • provide reasonably priced workplace injury insurance for employers
  • help injured workers back into the workforce
  • manage the workers' compensation scheme by ensuring the prompt delivery of appropriate services and adopting prudent financial practices.

For more information, visit the VWA website